Geneware partners with Chengdu for investment due diligance analyis

Comprehensive suite of services to perform investment due diligence analysis

Drug development generated some of the most spectacular investment returns, all at the same time has also made some of the most spectacular disappointments and failures. In between the two extremes are where mere mortals live. Geneware helps investors and entrepreneurs evaluate scientific validity of drug targets in the preclinical stage, trial design strategy for the clinical trials, and market potential and acceptability before even launching into the effort.

Geneware has offered this comprehensive suite of services to Tianfu Innovation Institute in Chengdu, China.

Geneware is in partnership with TianFu to evaluate preclinical drug candidates, device strategies to source in promising drug leads for development in China, and perform comparative analysis of market needs and potentials between US and China to discover drugs that possess unique advantages in Chinese market for development.